How to purchase online

Pick the product that you would like to order and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button it will be added to your Cart.

If you would like more that one product then press the  ‘Continue Shopping’ button.

Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ when you have the products that you would like to purchase.

Tip: Put all the products that you would like to purchase in your shopping cart and once you have pressed the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ or ‘Check out’ button you will see a summary of all the products and then you can add or delete products from the summary page.


Stage 1 Summary

 One you ‘Proceed to Checkout’  a shopping cart Summary will show you the products that you have added to your cart.

You can increase the quantity of products by pressing the + button

You can decrease the quantity of products by pressing the – button


Stage 2 Sign in

Three options

Instant Checkout – provide email, first name and last name and delivery address.

Instant checkout is at the bottom of the page and allows for quick purchase.

Create an account – allows you to create an account that you can use for current for future purchases.

Sign in – for people with an existing account


Stage 3 Address

Provide the Delivery address – the address the chocolates are delivered to and contact phone number.

Billing address – Address for invoice and contact phone number.


Stage 4 Delivery

Pick your delivery date – click the ‘Pick your desired delivery date’ and a calendar will come up and allow you to chose the date that you would like to have the chocolate order delivered.

You have the choice of –

  •       Delivery to Sydney Metro and outer area. - $25 delivery charge
  •       Picking up the order from Just William Chocolate shop at 4 William Street Paddington 2032

Please ensure that you tick the box  “the terms of service.”


Stage 5

Click on the button ‘ Pay with your credit card or Paypal’


Order Summary page


How to pay by Visa Card Master Card or Debit Card

Click Pay with a credit or debit card to pay with your Visa or MasterCard.

Enter your credit card details and then press continue.

How to pay via PayPal

Enter your email address and PayPal password details and then press login.

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